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Well today was a bit of a mixed bag tbh. I had an unexpected nice day out with some friends. My friend text me this morning and asked if I wanted to join her, and her two friends visiting from up north for breakie, so I agreed. They, like her, are scoucers (from Liverpool) - what a flaming laugh!! If you ever meet a scoucer, you'll get what I mean. So darn down to earth, so funny, yet seriously - don't cross them. But if they're your mate, you're protected for life - they're awesome!! Anyhow, after breakie, we went into town and I showed them all around (my mate is new to the area too, so doesn't really know where anything is), and have ice cream at this specialist Italian ice cream place. However, half way round, I began to feel really unwell in that my legs felt really heavy and movement was a real effort, I got this horrible headache, and I felt sick. It's happening more and more even when I just do small amounts of walking. I presume that it's the MS (multiple sclerosis), but it's just so ridiculous. I can't function if I can hardly walk for 2 miles without needing to rest/sleep for an hour afterwards. That's just stupid - wtf??? So today's been a real mixed bag.

Forest x


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