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So today was not a bad day (bar the headache ad stomach ache from the flu jab this morning - arrrhh!!). I met with someone from a local mental health charity about a peer support sceam that they run, and she was really nice. She was really encouraging, and I've also applied for voluntary work with the same charity, so she's gonna pop in if she can when I go to see them next Tuesday. She also set me up with a sceam that will help find me a part time job hopefully, so it's been great, and she was really encouraging about new ideas and getting involved on maybe a more permanent basis with the charity maybe a job further down the line (that's how she started out too, accessing support and volunteering), which would def be heading in the direction I'd like to go in. So not quite all sorted yet, still need some paid work, but am def happier today with where things are heading.

Forest x


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