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Well I've been a little more productive today, not very though. I always feel so washed out after doing anything. It's so ridiculous. Anyhow, it's bonfire night over hear in the UK. Whenever I mention this, no-one seems to have the foggiest what I'm on about (unless you're from the UK that is) so here's roughly what it is and what goes on. In 1605 a much loved idiot and a few fellow conspiritors decided they were going to blow up the Houses of Parliament (as you do!!). Stupid thing is, they very nearly succeeded. It was on the day/night that they were there trying to do this that they were rattled, and one of those conspirators has become infamous - Guy Fawles. He was burnt at the stake for his part in the 05/11 plot (a bonfire). Thus we now have bonfire night, which is really supposed to be a reminder of how close they came and about freedom and democracy. There are loads of fireworks too. Kids like it. It's too cold for me to venture out tonight. I did that thing again today where I was fine until I was with someone, then I started crying. Why - just why? Wait 'til I'm at home alone, for pities sack. Arrrrrrhhhh!!!! Sorry. Needed to rant. Had a cuppa tea at the Chaplaincy which was soothing - they are just about the only ppl I can tolorate / almost even like and maybe even trust a little - I know! I was phoned about the voluntary position I was interested in - an admin position at a mental health charity near me. I have to go in for a chat next week, but it seems positive, so I'm really looking forward to that!! I've decided that I just want part-time work, not full time. So it's gonna be more difficult to find I think, but never mind. Idk, it's been an okay day I guess. I just need my life more ordered, with less worries in it - same as always.

Forest x


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