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Hmmm... Today has been a roller coaster. I woke up this morning and just wanted to cry. I wanted the day to go away. In the end I phoned the help line which helped a bit. I had to do something as I was taking my niece out today, and I was feeling like I couldn't leave my room and just wanted to cry, so I couldn't see her like that. I took her to the cinema which was nice. She wasn't her usual cheerful self though - she'd been exhausted by 2 days out with her best friend, and was a little tearful and sleepy. It did mean we snuggled up though in the cinema which she normally isn't one for cuddles. Film was good, and more importantly my niece enjoyed it. I felt better after I'd seen her (I always do - she cheers me up). I came back, had a quick snooze (as you do!!), then did my housework and had a game of monopoly with my housemates (yes - I was even sociable!) - and I won :) hehehe. So am kinda proud of myself all in all.

Take care,

Forest x


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