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Life goes on. I wish I had a stop clock, just for a second - time to catch my breath, organise my thoughts, recover from how battered I feel emotionally, and regain some strength. But no, this stupid world just expects you to pick up where you left off and keep running along with it. Stupid crappy place - pfft!!! I'm in a rather dark and tearful mood today (as you may be able to tell). My work T had asked me to write something down about how angry I feel with them at the uni - but all that came out was complete self hatred and loathing, and just a complete lack of any self believe or self worth. I am very angry that they've made me feel like that (again), but I can't express it. I'm still in bed of course, but that's barely a surprise any more is it. Hmmm... well if my mood was a weather type, today I'd it'd be raining cats and dogs - not quite hurricane style I don't think, but a proper winters day where you wouldn't be going out unless you both had to and unless you were properly dressed you for it with a mac, wellies, and umbrella - duck weather! Enough rambling again,

Forest x


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