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I've got some things to say to you both. Questions and general statements. 


Why didn't you believe me?

Why didn't you believe my cousin? 

How could you not notice it? Or see my pain? Or protect me? 

Do you know I almost killed myself several times? 

Why would you think I'd lie about being abused? 

Can you sincerely apologize to me? 

What can you do to fix our relationship? 

Why can't you have a serious conversation with me? 


I will not forgive him until I'm ready to do so (if I'm ready ever) so do not force me to.  

I do not ever want to be around him. 

If you still decide to not believe me, then I don't want to be around you either. 

I will not hide that this happened to me. I will not be the family secret. 

What happens to him is not my fault nor responsibility. 

I will not accept any blame or guilt. I was a victim and a child. 

I will not do anything I am uncomfortable with. (Seeing him, Going to church, Family gatherings, etc.) 


I want an apology. I don't want excuses.

I want to be heard.  I don't want arguments. 

I want to protect the children.  I don't want to be silenced. 

I want to move on.  I don't want blame.  


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