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What Happened to You?



By Bruce Perry MD/PhD and Oprah Winfrey.  This book is like a conversation between the two authors.  Mostly, Oprah provides real life situations and examples and Dr. Perry speaks more technically about the brain.   A good chunk of the book is about a child's brain and how important it is to not f*** it up.  Though he does have one chapter on things you can do to heal yourself, it really mostly is "this is why you act the way you act" and "prevention is golden." He says the brain can't go back to how it was before technically, but it is malleable.  He compares it to a hanger that has been bent to another shape. You can bend it back but those points that bent will be weak.  So you have to work on those weak points.  Oprah added in some good stories from her years interviewing on her television show.  I think what was most influential to me was when he spoke about the different levels of the brain and each level's function.  There is a triangle figure that he has in the book that I would recommend looking up on page 27 and another on page 146.  They show what level of the brain does what and how much brain power goes into each level in a regulated person and a dysregulated person.  I wish the last chapter "what we need now" had more to say about healing now.  I just feel like that should have been the biggest part of the book, but maybe I'm being too judgmental.  All in all, a good read. Would recommend.  


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