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Did I ever tell you It was okay to be as loud as you wanted? be as much as you wanted?

Imagine being alone In an empty room with some eco In it...knowing you, you'd probably start singing a little tune to hear how It sounds. Eco's are an interesting sound, right? so why wouldn't you try It out, and If you're alone you could do It as much as you wanted to, as much as you needed to. No one would tell you to stop or say that you were being too loud, too much. There's nothing inherently wrong with It you know? some people just don't like big sounds.

You see, birds don't apologize for singing or talking or making sounds. Birds need to do It In order to survive and communicate with others. Some may not like that and that's okay, not everyone likes how birds sound, but that doesn't mean they're 'bad birds'. There's no such thing. What there Is, are people who just don't like them, maybe they're more of a frog type.

In any way, there's no reason why you would need to be anything different than what you are right now. You could be a bird who just flies away when they need to, that speaks when they're hungry or hurting, that sings when they're inspiried. You're allowed to take up space, It's what every living thing Is meant to do here, there's no way around It and anyone who's made you felt differently Is wrong.

Being alive means to exist, to be, to need things, to say things.

What could a person really know about living when they don't even let others experience It? It's contradictory.

I know people made you feel like you were too much for such a long time. Laughing wasn't allowed because then you'd be spoiled, speaking was rude because It was never percieved as a need but as you challenging them, singing was annoying because It disrupted people's peace, crying meant that you were playing the victim card. And although you were young, you were quick to understand that being all these things was unsafe, so In order to regain balance you became mute for years and years.

It worked of course, but now your body and your mind felt numb, the damage was done. Regaining that confidence Is something I still struggle to this day. I don't think I'll ever be that same social little girl I used to be. But you should know, It's not your fault.

Just wanted to remind you that you can be whatever you want now. As much or as little as you want. The choice Is yours, forever and ever.

And I'll be here whenever you need a reminder. A little push. Ly



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