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Learning from hindsight…



I’m glad I just reread my last blog post before this one. Things are officially over between me and the BF. Off and on for 8 years and I finally came to my senses.


 I am sad it’s over between us. Even though I finally ended it for good this time. Even though I think I truly “ended us” in my heart weeks ago… I completely forgot about this conversation with him until rereading this. This is not the man I want to spend the rest of my life with. I was very numb a couple days ago and now I just constantly slowly let tears out. I think I’m grieving the time I lost….wasted on him…the danger I put myself in…being with someone with an STD and not demanding he wear a condom or fuck right off…(which is a story for another time) and ultimately the last deciding straw that made me break it off…for the third and final time.


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I'm glad you broke up with him and are moving on. Codependency is very hard to break off of and in my experience, a very overwhelming experience. Congratulations on the freedom!

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