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Not having a place



(I use the Older Version of me as OV, and the Younger Version of me as YV to avoid confusion)

YV: I wish we were safe. I feel like you run around when things happen at the house and It makes me feel scared, like I don't know what's gonna happen next...

OV: I know, I wish we had a better place to stay too...our own place, but for the moment we just have to keep moving, we have no choice....

YV: But why don't you slow down? why can't you see that I can't run as fast as you do and I'm scared because I don't know when you're gonna stop. I promise I'll get better at running but I can't go that fast yet.

OV: I'm sorry I've pushing you so much-- I know It makes you feel scared, I feel scared too...silly right? I'm supposed to be this "big adult" who's not afraid of anything and can act fast In dangerous situations, but then...I don't know what happens to me, I just freeze. Grown-ups get scared too and I didn't know that until I became one. Whenever someone who lives with us confronts us, I start to feel like your around, and somehow I'm able to feel as small as you do and It's like I can't protect you anymore--I'm sorry for that, I wish I could be a better sister to you. I wish I was braver and I didn't run away everytime someone Is being so mean to us.

I guess I just don't know what to do In those situations because, If we stay we'll get yelled at, If we run we'll feel unsafe like you said. This must be so confusing to understand Isn't It?, It's not your fault...or mine either. The people around us are the ones who need to change but, sometimes people don't want to change, even If it's the best for them, and we can't do anything about It. 

YV: ...okay, It's fine I guess, I just wish I didn't feel scared anymore

OV: me too...at least we have each other and, In the meantime, how about we try to make the best of It huh? what do you say?. We can a make a plan...a top secret plan, only both of us can know about It. My mission will be to try to stick around even when things get ugly and be brave enough to protect you....aaand In exchange you have to do the most important job of all, It's top secret too, highest rank.

YV: What Is It?

OV: I need you, my most trusted ally, to write down very cool, snarky words that I can use to win the battle. Nothing mean though, In fact, the smarter the words the better-- we'll confuse our opponent with BIG words. But only you can do It...so? what do you think?

YV: I think your a crazy old sister haha.

OV: Very true, but you'll do that for me right? 

YV: Do you think It'll work?

OV: Absolutely. 

YV: ...okay, I'll do It.


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"YV: ...okay, It's fine I guess, I just wish I didn't feel scared anymore" 💟

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22 hours ago, Tangerine_VVV said:

"YV: ...okay, It's fine I guess, I just wish I didn't feel scared anymore" 💟


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