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If you say I "must" forgive, what you are really saying is that it's "scorched earth." (Extended version)



*T* language and descriptions

I'm 16, and my mother set me up to be raped. It was brutal, I was punched over and over again, and I lost two teeth, in addition to being raped.

TUE MAY 31 2022

On Tuesday I visited our county's district attorney. I took an audio recording of my father confessing to being part of a cover up, slandering me, lying to police, and threatening to commit perjury. He also implicated my mother in a conspiracy to commit aggravated sexual assault, and stated that she was an accessory before the fact in my rape. 

I took this to the district attorney because our local police have no interest in pursuing this crime. My mother has told them that I am crazy and a liar, and even though there is evidence...

It's not that the police don't think I was raped. It's just that it is advantageous to them to pretend that I was not. The school district is the largest employer in the county, and it also employs off duty cops as security officers. And I was raped on school grounds by a school employee during his work hours. Can you say: "liability"?

It's simple economics, the three rapists-- and in my state people who act in concert to commit a felony are all equally guilty-- and the fourth criminal who covered it up are "valuable adults" who work and pay taxes. I work and pay taxes too, but not nearly so much as the four of them combined. It will cost a lot of money to try this case, and it will take a lot of money to incarcerate four criminals, and it will mean that those criminals are not contributing to the local economy or paying taxes. If they say I'm crazy it's so much more cost effective.

SUN MAY 29 2022

My brother, he's 14, lives with my grandparents now. I live at my warehouse and I have a few friends who rotate staying with me. My grandmother had been trying to get me to "forgive" her daughter so I brought my big file box of evidence to her house. Grandma had been in denial, and even though I had told her about almost everything in the box, I had told her one report or letter at a time. Seeing it all was just too much...

It had been easy for them to believe my mother, she had started slandering me well before I was aware of what she was doing. In many ways I was a normal girl, I had friends (drug addicts according to mom) and was discovering my sexuality (a w**re according to mom), in other ways I was not. I started a business when COVID hit our county and expanded it while I was teleconferencing school (According to mom I was skipping school and doing "god knows what" in that warehouse with friends and my brother-- wild drunken Roman orgies probably)

But the papers that I collected showed that after mom was laid off-- it turned out to be for over a year-- because of COVID she fell apart and started assaulting me and mostly my brother. (Because he did not hit her back.) I had 911 dispatch logs, business cards from social workers from the state department of social services, complaints against police for not filing reports, reports saying may parents refused to allow EMS to examine my brother. Reports from a private doctor my father took my brother to see.

MON MAY 30 2022

My grandfather called my father and demanded his presence without my mother (grandpa's daughter). When dad arrived grandpa demanded to hear an explanation. At first dad refused, but grandpa and I had already talked about the way me and my brother had been slandered and kicked out of our house. Grandpa had already offered to involve his attorney so I floated a plan to sue my parents and force them to sell the house we grew up in-- I mean we were not welcome so my mom and dad didn't need it. They could find a couple of refrigerator cartons to live in, I mean. that's what mom said I could do.

Dad told grandpa what he said mom told him. That she and my school counselor planned to commit a felony-- a third class felony sexual assault under state law-- that mom called a "fake rape" to take me down a few notches. She said that a male maintenance worker at the school, whom she knew but barely knew was supposed to really scare me. Tie my hands, rip my clothes, and toss me on my high school counselor's desk to make me believe that I was about to be raped. Then another person was supposed to enter the office suite at my high school, and the rapist was then supposed to run away.

Mom had paid him a  deposit, supposedly it to do remodeling work in the kitchen in the summer. Dad got really mad when I said maybe it was a payment to him to really ape me. This man is 20 years older, eight inches taller, and 50 pounds heavier than me. He wasn't suspended or fired and will draw a salary until a criminal conviction per union rules. My high school counselor lured me there-- I was supposed to be raped in her office, but I fought back and was raped in the hallway right outside her office-- with an appointment. But she was in the gym establishing her alibi when I was being raped. She and my mother also provided the rapist with an alibi. The idea was to make me crazy or appear to be crazy because I had reported my mother for assaulting my 14 year old brother.

I've known this, really I had known since the day it happened...even if I didn't know all the details. I'm not sure that I know all the details now...my mom isn't a reliable source of information. 

MARCH 2022

Cops are so fucking useless. Well unless you want one of your black neighbors murdered...apparently they do that quite well...they have lots of relevant experience...

The day my mom hit my brother in the head with the frying-pan I called 911. He was bleeding and the municipal cops-- who never filed a report or called CPS, both of which they are supposed to do-- were appealing to him to "be a man, tough it out, and respect her, she's your mom" yada, yada-- while telling me that my mom hadn't done what I just saw her do...

I told my grandparents that mom clocked their grandson in the head. My brother didn't deny it, he just refused to talk about it. Mom confiscated my cellphone, so I couldn't call 911 again. But a week or so later, after I called them on his phone. It was during a screaming match, and they heard mom threaten to kill everyone in the house. Right after that they got me another cellphone, one that legally belonged to them. A few days later mom tried to take it away from me and in doing so she punched me in the face, we ended up on the ground and she smashed the phone.

But we were in the front yard, and our teenage neighbor was a witness in addition to dad who lied to the police and said he didn't see anything. But the neighbor had recorded it and instead of calling the municipal police I asked him call the county sheriff. Mom got arrested for assaulting me and smashing the phone.

'Cause, you know the glass screen of an S22 is really important to society, but my kid brother's skull isn't.

I had been on the ground when mom kicked me in the gut. I grabbed her leg and twisted...faceplant. My neighbor sent the video file to my grandparents who claimed that they didn't know how to open it.

Dad narrowly being arrested too for lying to the cops, but they said that even if something happened right in front of him, they could not prove that he saw it. He was super pissed at me because I defended myself. Grandma and grandpa came to get us, and my brother and I stayed at our grandparent's for a while.

We had another big screaming match a few days later when mom and dad came to collect us. Mom had been telling everyone that I was a liar who had beat her, instead of the other way atround. And that I was a $3.00 w**re and a narcissist who would do anything for attention. That sorta upset my grandparent's who were also her parents-- but her parents were pissed at me too-- I was not supposed to fight back.

I said I'd go, but demanded that my brother be allowed to stay with my grands. But dad demanded that he come home too-- because that's what mom wanted. My grands let them take us.

A few days later, as the victim in the earlier incident I was given a copy of the memorandum from the district attorney stating that the state had dropped the charges against my mom because my father who had been the only adult witness to my assault. My neighbor, the other witness was 15-- his parent's said that he could not testify and the sheriff said it did not matter if he was willing, he could not be compelled to testify. So in exchange for agreeing to counseling and writing a short apology as directed...

The apology said mom acknowledged hitting and kicking me because she was mad that her mother gave me a cell phone against her wishes...

And because mom made restitution to my grandmother for the phone, all was copacetic. I guess the letter was restitution for a busted lip and sore ribs.

My mother had told everyone that I was a liar, and she had to bail me out of jail for hitting her. So I made 100 copies of the letter of apology and 100 copies of the cover letter from the prosecutor. I started with her boss. I dressed up nice, and explained myself. I gave him a copy, and one to HR, and to all of my mom's clients-- well former clients-- and all of my teacher's, my counselors, our minister, people at the church, all of our neighbors...

Mom and dad threw me out the next day. 


What the fuck did they expect. They lied about me-- mom didn't get fired because I told the truth, she got fired because her boss could no longer trust her after she lied to him. (About something she stupidly called his attention to.)

The next time mom hit my brother-- she hit him because he didn't hit back, she only hit me once...just that once-- I reported her. My dad tried to send the cops away saying that I was a lair. So, I gave the cops a copy of the letter from the prosecutor. Then, in front of the cops, mom threatened to shoot me...

The cops said she was exasperated and that I was being a real bit*h. 

I called the sheriff's department to deal with the immediate situation, and later filed a complaint against that cop.

I left and stayed at a friend's for a while.

Dad tried to get us all back together. That's when my mom decided to have me raped.

When I was being examined at the hospital after I had been beaten and raped, mom said that I was crazy, that I make things up, that the rapist-- whom she barely knew-- was a nice guy who'd never do that sort of thing. She lied and said that I enjoyed rough sex, and one of my hundreds or maybe thousands of boyfriends that I usually fuck after knowing for 90 seconds just went too far.

People keep telling me to calm down. That I need to zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz (I'm actively ignoring them) zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz and forgive others because it's good for me.

Fuck them. 

I was brutally raped in the hallway right outside my counselor's office. My mother now admits to conspiring with her to "scare me."

Well, it was scary.

Someone that I sorta knew tried to tie my hands together with his belt. I screamed. I kneed him. He wrapped his arms around me and I scratched him. He tried to put his hand over my mouth and I bit him hard. I tore his flesh and he bled on my face as I gnawed and chewed his finger embedding small pieces of flesh between my teeth. He ripped my clothes, tore my bra apart and started punching me hard with a closed fist in the back of my head, my neck, my shoulder, and the small of my back. The hospital got seven really clear photographs of my back and three of my face where he gave me a black eye and cracked two teeth that a dentist had to pull soon afterward.

He ripped my panties to shreds and punched me hard in the c*nt. Then he roughly shoved a couple of fingers inside of me-- he was stupid enough to use his own blood as lubricant as he scratched me and tried to hurt me. I screamed and scratched him and he punched me... Then two guys who heard me screaming came in and pulled him off me, they called 911, and led paramedics to me.

People say that I am exaggerating-- but he really hurt me-- which my mom now says was only because I fought back. But fuck that... I wasn't defending some outdated notion of honor. I was defending my life, and my freedom to make my own choices. I love life-- but not being dead is not the same as being alive-- i would have died fighting rather than acquiesce. And because i did he's going to have a really hard time explaining in court how his DNA got under my fingernails, between my teeth, on my face, and in my pubic hair. And my mom indicts herself by arguing on his behalf.

My parents have asked me to drop the criminal proceedings-- which technically I can't even do, but the prosecutor would probably go along with since I am also suing the psychologist and janitor's employer. Mom and dad say that I should especially stop taking about it. Because, you know, people will think I asked for it. It will ruin my reputation. Oh, and that little matter of it will hurt my mother's chances in court.

"What reputation?" I screamed, "My mother ran around town saying I was a crazy sl*t who made shit up. The best way I can disprove that is put all three of my rapists in prison."

And I decided that I'll put dad in there too if he wants to keep telling lies about me. I have plenty of proof that my dad knew about mom hitting my brother, and he lied to the police saying he didn't. Plus he admitted that mom told her that-- in her words, she was really sorry but it all just spiraled out of control-- in front of my brother and grandparents. He has asked me to forgive her. See, he can't testify against her-- but none of those prosecutions would require him to.

FUCK NO! I'm not giving up.

Maybe, if he is nice, I won't tell everyone she is incarcerated with EXACTLY what she did-- mom will fucking love doing her time in protective custody.

I'm not his wife I WILL TESTIFY against her and against him in both cases. GUARANTEED.

I DON'T HAVE PARENTS if their cushy way of life is more important than me or my brother's safety.


My grandparents are pissed because I showed them all the evidence. How their granddaughter was brutally beaten and raped on the orders of their daughter. They were in denial. They won't talk to her anymore, so they are technically on my side...I guess...by only being pissed at me.

The three of them got together. My grands asked me to go easy on him, to forgive him.

Or else my life would get a lot tougher, dad had said on Sunday.

My grandparents shook their heads and I proceeded to get him every bit as fired and just as scorned by neighbors and clergy as his wife.

"How could you?" My grandparents said. "He is your father. Your parents, they aren't perfect..."

"Yeah," I said, "that's a funny way of putting it...I din't get a pony...or that trumpet I wanted...but mom had me brutally raped...so it's all good..."

"Please, we all know what happened, you don't have to keep talking about it," grandma said. "They have both worked so hard to give you a good life."

"Well," I said, "if they are trying to hurt me, and they lie about me...then their having money or a good reputation based on a lie...well...it's my interest to destroy the source of that income and the false reputation they plan to use against me."

My brother won't commit perjury, and I don't think my grands will-- but they might catch amnesia.

Aren't any of these morons bright enough to see that as long as they use force and demand compliance they won't get any.

If the motherfuckers want something sometime waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay in the future they need to stop making "demandments" (Babe II reference) NOW!.

Pushing will inevitably result in my pushing back...pushing harder than I was pushed. 

I don't have parents anymore-- so what becomes of them concerns me not. I won't do anything illegal. But, if they died tonight I wouldn't mourn or attend their funerals.

I'm 16, the school year ended with me being suspended and missing all my final exams. So, apparently I am a high school dropout. I'm suing my ex-school-- which employed two of my rapists, and suspended me for fighting after I was brutally raped on school grounds. They also sanitized the crime scene and "lost" the security camera video-- I have tons of anger, a file box of evidence, and lots of time on my hands...

Why do they think pushing me will work?

Is it the metric system? (Pulp Fiction reference)

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