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Packing up our belongings and preparing to load the car, my brothers came home from one last time on the mountain. Looking at them as they were coming into view something was following them, it was a small pug-nosed dog. It was so ugly with it's face all pushed in, that it was actually kind of cute. My brothers kept trying to tell it to go home, but the thing wouldn't leave, it was persistent to come home with them. To much surprise though as we packed the car, our dad said we could take it with us. It was cold and damp out and the pup wouldn't leave, so seemed best to take him with us. After driving for awhile we finally stopped to get something to eat. The little pug-nosed seemed to really like eating our french-fries, so that's what we named him, French Fry. 
The night that we ended up at our destination we got in pretty late but wasn't sure where we were. However, I will never forget the following morning and how I was woken up. Sound asleep, I hear a loud scream in the house coming from one of the bedrooms. Jumping to my feet I ran towards the sound, in the bed was a girl much older then me, turned out she was my cousin. She was grossed out and soaking wet. Unfortunately though it wasn't water or sweat. French Fry had gotten in the bed with her and pissed on her head when she was asleep. She was not happy about it one bit, I guess if someone pissed on me I wouldn't either.

Not long after that though I remember my uncle taking French Fry with him for a ride. But when he came back, he didn't have the dog with him, only a bag full of hotdogs. We asked where the dog was but he wouldn't tell us what happened to him. My brothers and I were so afraid that the meat he brought back was French Fry. None of us wanted to eat any of it as my uncle didn't bother to tell us anything other then they were hotdogs. I guess the dog was a pretty big nuisance to disappear and be traded for hotdogs.
Spending time with my cousins I really do have some good memories. We use to do stuff like science experiments. For example when you stick Mentos in the coke bottles and once the two mix it makes a reaction and whoosh! out the top. They also liked to play out doors and had a big trampoline to jump on. I loved jumping on it with everyone seems that when you are the smallest of everyone they like to gather and try to bounce you higher in the air. My brother learned the down side of doing this though. He got too close to me when he jumped and I accidently kicked him in his nuts and he fell off the trampoline. He was ok for the most part, but hope he learned a valuable lesson.

While I was outside eating a sandwich they were playing frisbee, but I was too into my tuna sandwich to pay them any mind. Guess I should have though, because the frisbee smacked me right in the mouth and knocked my sandwich to the ground. Running inside screaming not even paying attention to the blood coming from my mouth, I was so upset. After going inside and my dad trying to figure out what happened, while he was examining my mouth with blood coming from it. Apparently the frisbee had knocked a loose tooth out of my mouth. But that's not why I was so upset though, I wasn't in pain. I was mad because my sandwich was ruined and on the ground now! Who cares about that tooth, my tuna sandwich was good and now it was ruined!
Staying at my cousins house we had a lot of fun times, but one of my first of many experiences happened there. My first encounter with the horrible L word.....LICE. I was in class and I remember I was sitting at my desk and while holding my hand up in the air to be called on I kept putting it to my head to scratch it. I had no Idea what was going on, all I know I know is my head was so itchy! The scratching of a child's head apparently gains the attention of teacher relatively faster then anything I have ever seen. Once my teacher seen me she quickly told me to go to the nurse's office. I remember going and the nurse and someone else was looking in my hair. What were they looking for, I was just itchy. I was told I had Lice, tiny bugs that bite and suck your blood. Why would I have bugs in my hair, am I dirty?

My dad was called and was told to come pick me up because I couldn't be in school until this was treated. These little bastards are contagious and psychosomatically makes me itch just talking about it. When we got home my dad was trying to figure out how I got them, and why I didn't tell him. I didn't even know what they were. Turned out one of my cousins had it and didn't say anything to anyone about it. Well if you know anything of Lice, then you know about the dreaded steps that follow to get rid of them. First comes the painful shampoo and comb that takes hours on hair especially if it is thick and curly. Then all the washing, bagging and endless spraying of stuff. Honestly, Lice has scarred me deeply because of what I have dealt with from the steps. Over time my father started to use more unorthodox methods on me, that to this day I fear the very word let alone just seeing a harmless scratch. 
Being at my cousins house it seemed like I was included a lot in things, even away from the house. Before leaving though my dad would tell us to be carful about crossing the roads, and to not run across them, and use the crosswalk. Taking off and ready to explore we came up to one of those  6 lane areas. For some reason though my brother who was 2 years older he didn't want to cross when we did. My older brother and myself already on the other side, looking back I see my other brother and cousin running across the street, like they were NOT suppose to do. Next thing I know a car hits my brother right before he even makes it to the sidewalk. In the air he is flipping several times. Hitting the ground finally, but the driver kept trying to drive forward while he lay in front of the car. Running to him to see if he is ok. I hear him yelling to not call the ambulance, he is fine "don't call the ambulance!", he cried. Soon after the ambulance arrived. Still screaming and crying he tells the EMT's he is ok he doesn't want to go to the hospital. "Please don't take me to the hospital!" My brother wasn't worried he was dieing, he was afraid because going to the hospital meant our dad would find out he didn't listen and he would be in trouble. To him this was far worse then just being hit by the car. The ambulance not hearing his plea, rushed him to the hospital. Next thing I know we are in the waiting room with our dad. The doctor comes in and says that he has minor scrapes and cuts, but he is lucky to be alive and unharmed. No major injurie's. My father was told he could go back and see my brother. I have no idea what happened when he did, but was glad my brother was ok.  

We had a visitor one day at my cousins house. It was our mother and she wanted to take us to the Zoo. It had been a long time since I had seen her and in all honesty, I didn't want to go with her. My dad said it would be good for us to go, to spend time with her. I don't remember much from that day other then the aftermath of her cutting the pants my brother was wearing into shorts. My brother wanted to play in the water at the fountain and she didn't want him to get too wet, so she cut the legs short. My father was so mad when we got home and he seen his pants. They were new and he just bought them, and she ruined them. 

The day came that we had to leave from my cousins house. I didn't want to go though, I enjoyed feeling like a kid there and being included. I liked being there with them, and they made me feel like they wanted me there. It was a sad day for me to say goodbye. They felt like a home to me and didn't know why we were leaving. I remember my uncle standing by the car telling my dad that we didn't have to go that he would help him, but my dad said we had to go anyways. A continuous pattern staying with people and leaving for no reason given was now starting to develop. What are we running from, why does he always do this?


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