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Strangers !



Strangers. Never will I trust again! After being kidnapped into a car, taken to a strangers house, r***d and assaulted by 3 complete strangers, my view of the outside world threatens me. Panic. Fear. Anxiety. All of which hit my emotions as soon as I step out into the open world. I fear of a stranger.

They may seem kind on the out, but are they bitter within?

Their words may be gentle, but are they repeating a sin?

They may glance politely, but are their thoughts opposed?

Their humanity may seem true, but are their hearts just closed?

How can I trust again if anyone, including close ones, I see as a threat? People may paint themselves to be great on the outside but no one knows what 'permanent marker' is truly on the inside. Yes, of corse there are many good strangers but how do we know from good to evil? Because what I witnessed, the evil pretended to be the good! The world to me is just a scary place, so be careful who you trust! These strangers made me realise further what a cruel world this can be. There is good and there is bad, there is sane and there is mad. But I have faced too much pain, so never will I trust again!


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Keep it up, and you will get there. That was good. Im sorry you went through all that. Unfortunately for the world we live in all you said, is true, and I again I'm very sorry you went through this tragedy. The courage is there, you already possess it, no need to find it.

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Coco, I too, am so sorry for what you have experienced...as I read your posting about who can you trust..my first thought was "trust begins trusting ourselves"...When we know who we are, that we are trustworthy, we can learn with time that there are other great and wonderful people in the world all around us that are trustworthy as well...just as everyone says "you have to love your self first...so maybe you can trust in yourself first!" It is a given, that you can trust yourself...so with that knowledge,who can you trust next? Sometimes we "overgeneralize" and apply , no matter how terrible and extreme it may be, to all situations...Start with you, and then define the next person, the next person, the next person...again, so sorry for the violence that was inflicted upon you!

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Thank you tonysullivan for the support, yeah it can be a cruel world out there. We just have to be careful in who we trust. Thanks again :)

Thank you also angelina! What you said made a lot of sense and I didn't really think about loving and trusting myself first. I think this may not happen or may take a veryy long time because I've never been able to love myself :( I guess trying to is the first step. Thank you for the support.

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