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my story

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im mad at my roommate



last night i ate some edibles with my friends and my roommate has been talking to this guy john for three weeks now and he lives an hour away. hes has been cancelling all their plans tp get together. last night he was free so she asked me of he could come over and spend the night. i have a rough time still being in a room with guys let alone sleeping in the same room. its only happened once and its with my REALLY close guy friend and even then he was across the room. but since i would be high i thought i wouldnt care. she promised me nothing would happen and they would just cuddle and watch criminal minds. i was out hanging with my other friends.  i needed my id to get into the bathroom and knocked and she said i didnt have to. she promised me i wouldnt feel like i cant come in my room but after my friends came back from a walk i went to my room just went to open the door. it was locked. i was baked out of my mind so i was laughing but i still felt betrayed? i just stood there in disbelief because she promised me. i hear a thump inside and as i as start to walk away she opens the door so i turn around. she poked her head out and i started ot come inside but she blocked me and said hold on. a few minutes later she opened the door and said i could come in. when i went to put my jacket and shoes away they were just standing there. i was still laughing in disbelief.  i put away my stuff grabbed a cookie and left. i went back to my friends room since they were obviously busy. i think maybe 30 minutes later she came over and tried to apologize but i was so far gone in my high i couldnt speak. so i said to try again later. she said i could come back whenever but the last thing i wanted was to be in the same room as them. am i right to be mad? i dont care if she gets laid. ive been very supportive of her past of having one night stands.  but not if it means i get locked out of my own room, my own safe spot. this was last night and i havent talked to her yet. i dont even know what to say. she promised she wouldnt do anything as i could walk in any minute. obviously that was a lie. i want to say so many things to her but i dont think im ready to talk without saying something to purposely hurt her. i just feel hurt she did it knowing how i would feel. she said if he tried anything she'd make him leave. again, guess not. 


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