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my story

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progress???? idk



I may be going out with a guy next weekend? im not sure if i am yet. i want to. he seems like a decent guy and we like the same stuff. it doesn't hurt he has two absolutely adorable dogs. my roommate thinks i should go because she says i need to get out more. I really really want to but i am so nervous. i told him id have to check my work schedule and get back to him but i would definitely like to. 

i am doing decently  i guess? i have been eating more, although i try not to think about it. i have been trying push myself in school and even brought one of my grades up. I am making friends i think? with a girl at work. 

Speaking of girls, i have been figuring out my sexuality i talked about it with my therapist and it felt good to finally talk about it. Ive talked about it to my best friend and roommate before but not in detail. I labeled myself as bi curious but ive admitted ive been attracted to girl physically before. I am still figuring it out but it felt nice to discuss what it would be like if i came out once i figured it out. i talked about my fears. 

I am trying to build my confidence. i am trying to wear stuff i like but never had the confidence to wear before. one of the times i did a guy who is out as gay(mentioned so people know i wasnt nervous or uncomfortable by a guy) came up to me and complemented my outfit and i felt really happy for the rest of the day. 



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