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Golden retriever boy




This song just hits different. my abuser was the definition of a golden retriever boyfriend. our shared partner and I would always make the joke that hes truly a GRBF. It wasn't until after i was out of his clutches that i realized he was a groomer and manipulative POS. This song just hits me in the feels because it reminds me of how I fell for his narcissistic personality.

I love the lyrics "Go fetch another toy for yourself. You're so unbelievable. Go be a puppy for somebody else. 'Cause you wasted my time. Always played the good guy. But you stabbed me in the back and acted like it was fine. And you wear that big smile. Innocent as a child. But you buried all the evidence. Boy you're so vile."

he had a smile that is forever stuck in my mind and memory. I felt like a toy to him and all i was to him was a body to f*ck. I have really struggled with accepting the fact that I thought I loved him. he was 20 i was 17. it was bad all over. I was a victim and a SURVIVOR. he cant hurt me now and I am better and stronger than he ever will be. F*ck you KAI  !!!!!!!! 



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