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Me now: "so you're the main character huh?" (a bit of silliness)



bbme: I think so! at least that's how I feel. I like playing my part, I mean I know I'm not the only one here, but Isn't It fun to play the hero? to be the plot of the movie?. It's like I'm a part of something big, like I'm special, do you think I'm special? It's certainly a nice feeling. Who knows, sooner or later the FBI will contact us for a big mission and we have to be there ASAP!!! we just have to be ready....If there's an emergency In the world I would gather all my friends and then the government (or whatever) would give us superpowers, we would join forces to defeat evil. I mean, I guess I don't know how evil looks like, maybe I'll know It when I see It, It's just something really, really bad, and because we're really, really good we'll save everyone. What'd you think?

oldme: It's a nice thought.

bbme: It's more than a thought! It's a plan, and you're invited. You have to know, only people who have secret skills and powers can come with me, so now you know that you're a chosen one too.

oldme: I am?

bbme: of course, why wouldn't you be? we're all main characters In our story, that's the whole point. There's magic everywhere, haven't you seen It?....maybe you just have to look closer, It's always there listening to you and that's why we're never alone. The only thing you have to do Is believe In me, can you do that? the responsibility Is high just so you know, because having powers requires discipline and lots of fun...so, do we have a deal?

oldme: ...deal, but only If you let me have invisibility powers.

bbme: ugh, fine, I'll settle for water control.



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