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Some Truth?



I'm back on this site,

But have no words to say.

I've been stuck in silence,

And wanna go away.


But I can't go away,

I must stay for the days.

The good and the bad,

The ugly, wait, I take it back.


Things were silent,

Yes, talking about the abuse case.

Things were put on hold,

And close for more than a "few days."


Months later,

Here I stand.

With my memories triggering,

Oh, and my friend?


Stood up and came out,

Same thing happened to her.

By my abuser? 

Go figure, he's a child pervert.


Now I'm stuck here again,

My memories all kicking.

My thoughts going wild,

My body and I are sinking.


Staying up past 2 am to game,

College work and a job... fair play.

Distracting my mind, 

I guess that's the way to stay.


Now my father talking to me,

Explaining he's always there to listen.

Haven't talked to him a few weeks,

Now he's talking all of a sudden.


I understand, I'm used to it,

But he's saying he's there to listen.

He says he's worried about my well being,

That I can't keep bottling things in.


I explained that it's fine,

It'll all be okay.

If the bottle explodes,

It'll only harm me.


Back to my saying about not speaking up.

Shared my thought of society, brought it back up.

He said he agrees, but he's not one of them.

Give him a chance and speak to him.


I can't say it to him (yet),

But my concerns are big.

I told him if I told him,

He'll realized how much I'm damaged.


His own daughter,

Going on 19 years old.

Afraid of men,

Afraid of people.


Wanting to escape,

And she used to cut?

Oh my goodness,

He wasn't the only one to abuse her?


Wait, she has no friends?

She has a blade in her room?

She cries every night?

She's so weak... who knew.


I want to feel okay,

So I say that I'm safe.

But then I go to a store,

I suddenly don't feel okay.


I see all the people,

The men and the women.

Doesn't matter about gender,

I see them all wander.


All the same thing,

A human being.

Most with the same intention,

Wanting to harm another being.


Maybe they're mad,

Or want to crush the ceiling.

Statistics say,

Most human beings prefer do that to beings.


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