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Conversations with my Inner child



Hey everyone, I thought I'd let you know what this blogging Is all about. I thought I'd start a little journey between me and my little self. I know she has a lot to give, a lot to offer and I wanna hear her out...

Some posts I might be stritcly talking personally with my Inner child, other times she might do the talking, who knows (like maybe my child-self had fun one day because she got to jump In a trampoline and wants to share that experience). I do wanna state however that, her and I are not two different people, we're part of a whole, this Is just an exercise that I find helps me heal like I've seen It helps others as well.

As always, I'd like to remind anyone who comes across posts like mine, that there might be difficult subjects at hand because my Inner child suffered a lot of trauma. Things like ptsd, anxiety, stress, ocd, depersonalization, depression, and so on. That doesn't mean that I'll always talk about them though, I just think that going back In time unavoidably makes you remember the events that you also didn't like. But, wether Its up to me or not to talk about It, It won't change my past, It's still part of my history and It was just as real as the good bits. As part of my growth today, I like to remind myself that I've come from a long way, I've lived a lot for a young girl (probably too much for anybody to bare), I was just as valuable then as I am now, regardless of how shitty I felt...especially how shitty I felt about myself. I want to be able to tell that little girl that nothing was her fault and that all she needeknewd to care about was being a kid...It's so easy to make someone feel bad, people around me knew that was a trait of mine and took advantage of It. For a long time I thought It was my fault to feel that way. Today, I wished someone had told me that feeling vulnerable Is not the problem, but the people that abuse It Is. Just because you're going through a confusing or sensitive moment In your life, doesn't mean people get to shame you about It. No one's ever going to be at their 100% all the time, In fact It's not possible. Most times, feeling those things helps you understand better. It's like asking a question you don't have an answer to, at first It might be confusing and stressful, but questioning Is what leads you to the answers...maybe It lead you to more questions, but both are totally valid, It means you care to make sense out of things, that you have values and standards, even If you don't always get It right. Nothing wrong with that.

In any way, you're free to scroll around. This Is mostly exercises for myself but you're welcome to participate and answer, that's why I'm putting It here. Thanks 💖


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