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MESSAGE TO MY abusers (*TW*)

Mimi M.


well hello!!

i would ask you how you are, but I already know


i was thinking about you though

thinking about how pathetic it is to abuse the innocent for your pleasure

there are so many other things in the world to make oneself feel good

-sitting outside and feeling the sunshine on your bare skin

-walking on the sand while listening to the crashing waves

-feeling somebody melt into your arms when you hug (instead of freeze when touched)

-the ability to look in the mirror at oneself and smile big

out of the many beautiful things in this world, you chose to abuse the innocent


instead this is what you and your kind are:

weak, limp, feeble, puny, debilitated, substandard, dull, slight, dim, pathetic, lame

and i dont feel sorry for you

you get what you give

and this is the fate of you and ALL of your kind







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