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Rise Above ...



Rise above the water

And take a deep breath,

Do not give up

Or it'll lead to your death.

Learn to take control

And feel the power within,

Grasp it really tight

To help you truly win.

It's not simply a game

But a special precious life,

That has been really ruined

Causing so much strife.

Rise above the water

Don't let yourself drown,

Take this one chance

To turn it back around.

It's not too late

Give yourself a future,

Keep it together

Like your a strong solid suture.

Just look out ahead

And open up your eyes,

Remember that the limit

Goes beyond the skies.

Rise above the water

Don't let yourself struggle,

You've come this far

So keep up the juggle.

It is a tough journey

But one to fulfil,

You deserve some happiness

So allow yourself goodwill.

You're the only one

Who controls what's next,

So hold your head high

And give yourself respect.

Rise above the water

And drown the bladed cut,

Sink your pain away

And keep it firmly shut.

Rise above the water

And sail back to shore,

Rise above the water

Don't take the pain no more!


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Very nice. It flowed well, and your message was deep, and full of inspiration. Quite the encouraging peace of art. (and yes I meant to spell it that way lol.) Thank you for sharing, I needed to read that. :D

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