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What you talkin about

Yea, you better shut your mouth

I got dynamite, don't speak out

Keep those damn words to yourself


I'm not interested in your lies

In your jacket or about your life

In your words that you share so shy

Fuck that, you're fucking sly


Fucking backstabber, go cry

I don't give a shit about your eye

Trip down the stairs, two times

Then to come to me and whine


I'm no longer your petty "wife"

I don't care if you fucking die

Turned me into a damn slayer

I hope you like my knife the killer


Made me go insane

Debated changing my name

Deleting FB and all contacts

Yea, you made me think that


You told me to leave the world

You told me to give you me

That you'll give me everything

We just need to be clean


You said that you were honest

And oops, "you didn't mean it"

But you fucking said that many times

I shoulda got the meaning 


I shoulda picked up the clue

I guess it's all my fault

I'm the one to blame, huh

I guess that's what you want


But guess what, you fucking clown

It's a lie, you didn't put me down

I'm standing up, this is my time now

You were always a backstabber - wow


Yea, that's right, I'm fucking done with you

Oh damn, who the fuck knew

Thought I'd cry and take blame for you

Heck no, now go fucking blue


Ashamed of yourself

Yea, don't wet the couch

Go cry in your bath

Maybe then you'll drown 


I don't fucking care

You're out of my eyes now

Do what the fuck you want

Maybe tear your hair out


After all, you were losing it

Maybe cause of COVID 

I don't really care

I wish you died when you had it


The end, goodnight.



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