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Who Am I?



How am I supposed to be myself?

When everyday I'm told to be like someone else.

Always criticized and daily insulted

Just for being who I am inside, that's it.


I am my own enemy,

Always listening to everyone and everything.

Wanting to be perfect,

Or at least accepted for myself.

But I'm talked to like I should be someone else.


Although, all the inspiring speeches told,

They say you're perfect inside and out.

They say to be yourself, it's okay to cry,

But sometimes I feel like that's just a lie.


If that were the truth, why is society like this?

Bullying and harassing, I really don't get it.

It pains me to say, but we aren't perfect.

Frightened and caged, just stuck in a mosh pit.


We aren't always free,

Our mind knows this.

Stress, depression, anxiety,

Not always fearless.


We consciously run,

We hide to take cover.

Because deep inside,

We know we'll be discovered.


For the truth we contain,

That we do not show.

The amount of tears and stress,

The weight of all the world.


We all live like this,

That's almost guaranteed.

We all have some fears,

That we bury deep.


My fear is society,

And what they say about me.

How they act, how they respond,

And how much they harm physically.


Terrified of people,

I can swear on that.

Walking by myself,

As their words are back.


How can I be myself?

When they made me who I am.

The me a long time ago,

Was buried long back then.


This is the new me.

Who is still developing.

Trying to find myself,

And who I want to be.


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