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Been hurt so much,

Been lied to in the face.

Bullied all around,

Pushed all over the place 


Met many people in person,

Seems most of them are fake.

How come I get the bad people?

How come I get hurt by the stake?


Society is bad,

So is the people.

It's to the point,

I've given up on visuals.


When my family says,

"Make some friends!"

I ask myself,

"What will it take?"


I have some real friends,

They're online.

But to them,

That doesn't cut the line.


In person, 

They mean.

Although, I won't pretend,

I can't make a friend.


I've been hurt too much,

People give me chills.

The amount of crimes and cruelty,

It's enough for me to take pills.


It's enough for me to hate society,

Step back, and lock myself inside of me. 

Stay away from all humanity,

Besides my friends online and my family.


Of which who actually care,

Not just ask me questions and being "there."

Saying things and giving advice,

A family is more than just being "wise."


I'll stay inside,

Won't go into society.

Scared to take a step,

Actually hurts the inside of me.


That's my heart, I mean,

Yes, it still beats.

And here I stand, 

Listen, you can hear it scream.


And inside if you look,

You can't even see a thing.

It beats so fast,

It makes you deaf mentally. 


Makes you wonder,

If I'm standing free.

Maybe I'm a spirit,

Or maybe I'm fleeing.


You don't know the difference,

You can't tell indefinitely.

So take my advice,

When I say to watch society.


Watch people's moves,

Watch what they say.

Be observant,

Watch for when the sky turns gray.


That's a warning,

That you'd better run.

People take advantage,

Of those who are prey. 


Take my advice, 

And flee, don't stay.

Don't turn around,

Just lock yourself away.


This is my mind,

My entire mind frame.

I'm scared to take in-person classes,

Due to everything.


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