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My dear friend



The picture above, 

Is made from someone I know.

She was an artist and a singer,

She had a very special glow.


Me not cutting for a long time,

Was all thanks to her.

She helped me through so much,

And I promised to be with her forever.


I swore to be by her side,

I swore it'll all be alright.

Look at the disappointment that lies,

I'm the cause of all those ties.


Now she's gone,

My dearest friend.

Was a sister in my heart,

Now she's probably dead.


All my fault,

That's all I know.

No matter what's said,

I blame myself head to toe.


For my thoughts, 

Never shutting up.

For my toes,

Never working hard enough . 


Could've walked me to her,

I could've been there.

Maybe if I kept my mouth shut,

I could hear speaking to my ear.


Now I hear nothing close,

But when I hear her songs.

It's a triggering memory,

That makes me want to harm. 


All I think is,

"What have I done?

Please undo everything, God,

I'm sorry I made this mistake!"


She probably would've been fine anyway,

I just had to go and screw up everything. 

Opened my damn mouth and flipping spoke,

Now I lost three friends and a family, I'd rather choke.


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