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# its not ok .....

To silence me because you dont want to hear it!

# its not OK.....

To blame me!

# Its not OK.....

To use me for your gratification!

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#it's not ok to... 

say it was probably a misunderstanding 

Call survivors attention-seeking 

Cut down and limit crisis help for survivors

Disclaim a survivors because of age, gender or sexual orientation 

Stay safe, everyone! 

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its not OK...

to not refer a sexual abuse survivor to a more qualified and healing therapist if you are not meeting their needs. We are more than just a wage.

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Its not OK ....

To pretend its doesn't happen -

1 in 4 girls and 1 in 6 boys are sexually abused

20% of women and 4% of men have experienced sexual assault post age 16

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16 minutes ago, BrightSide said:

It's not OK @Novu im sorry. Sitting with you for company if you would like? 🧡 B

Thank you - I think some company would be good right now, I just can't get my thoughts to quieten down tonight. 

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It's not okay...

To say that it doesn't matter because it was so long ago.

That my word against my abuser is not enough to bring justice.

That statutes of limitations preclude serial abusers and pedophiles from being brought to justice because it takes time for many victims to heal and speak out.

That I suffer and feel shame that is rightfully the perpetuator's. 

That so many victims and survivors are disbelieved, ridiculed, and shamed into silence.

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