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Sleep panic attacks?!



I didnt know you have panic attacks and remain sleep. What the heck is that? 

So here I am sleeping what I thought was peacefully. I am in a dream. For some reason I have left home and taken in by another family.  The are kind and have kids already of their own. I asked the mother a questiin that at this moment I cant think of. The answer given was one that suggested that was not my real question. I am confused like yes it's what I want to know. The mother says to call her back when I am no longer afraid to say what I really want. I am lost. I go outside to thibk and approach the father. The mother has told him what happened and he agrees with his wife. I am still slightly confused by both because I dont get it. He continues to look at me and then proceeds to hug me. Innocent enough right?

This hug however set a question in my mind. That question instantly lead to me trying to escape his touch. I hear myself saying let me go and dont touch me. I run form him. No desitnation in mind. I run into a few other men who caught me running down a hill and they touch me and boom...panic attack. The family finds me still in the grasp of one man. The father cgasing him away and the proceed to try and calm me. I didnt aeake until I wasnt hyperventilating and we were on the way home to talk about things.

The thing is I felt this attack but didnt wake up until it was over.  I could hear my breathing as it is now with a little congestion. I could feel my heartbeat. It was racing. My body was shaking. If it wasnt real it was too close to real. When I woke due to a ringing phone, I could still feel the panic inside. What I lost is the question that apparently want to know the answer to. Like will this question and answer be the beginning of the path I want to be on? Is it my key to finally release mysrlf from jail?


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