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TW: Infant Loss - rest in peace, sweet angel



He was seven months old.

She was the first of my childhood friends to have a baby.

She had gotten married in January and he was born in April.  Though she loved him dearly, she wondered what people in our closed, Conservative circle would say.

But I loved her for it.  Because everyone who has walked the hard paths of life in a broken Creation know sorrow.

I knew it.  And I knew that she knew it.

She was the first of my friends to get married, and to have a baby.

And she's the first of my friends to lose a baby.

Ten days before Christmas.

So my best friend, who is also friends with her sister, and I stopped at Target to get a few things for them.  In the end, we picked out a cream woven basket, a blanket with the words, "I love you" printed across it and teal microfiber on the other side, a stuffed fox (reminiscent of his favorite toy), an elephant lovey, teal-and-grey fuzzy socks for Mama and Daddy, chocolate, a notebook, and a candle.

I'm thinking now about his first birthday in April, and Mother's Day in May . . . and the first anniversary of the loss, a year from now.

Sweet friend.

I'm at a loss for words.

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having lost a child, and several miscarriages, there are no words. Thank you for being such a caring friend. she will need you. just be there. she will push you away, so don’t be offended if she does. just send cards, keep caring. the people who kept loving me when i was so broken and beyond the drowning roar of grief that i couldn’t hear their comfort. please keep trying. just ask if there’s a simple thing you can do..like clean or cook..anything they don’t have the mental energy for..it helps. 


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