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I am broken. Sometimes it is hard to come to terms with that fact. Being broken and trying to grow is pointless. I cant grow because I will always be broken. I cant move on because I am broken.

I dont like these feelings. I dont want these feelings. I am sorry that I have these feelings and cant move past them. I am sorry that I learned to protect myself too late. I am sorry I am not brave. I am sorry I brought shame to myself and my family. I am sorry that I allow this to affect people I care about. I am sorry I cant live up to the expectations that others want for me. I am sorry I am not strong enough to handle all of this. I am sorry that I allowed people to come in my life who meant me nothing good. I am sorry I broke someone else in ways they probably dont even know. I am sorry that it ever happened. I am sorry that I dont know how to express the hurt well. I am sorry I cant forget it. I am sorry that I feel more at fault than a victim or survivor. I am sorry I am not good enough. I am sorry that I cant handle good self-care. I am sorry I am not strong enough to protect others.

I am sorry for everything. 


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