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Two Choices...



I either find a way to forgive or I literally don’t survive this. I barely made it thru the day. Feelings of not surviving were really strong. It’s all too much to carry alone. I either let it go or I go. It’s all just building up. I think I might actually be at the end of my rope. 



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I don't know what to say, advice wise, as I'm fighting through things myself, but I'm here for you.  Things are hard to get through, especially without the right support.  

Sitting with you and hugs if okay :console:

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First of all great drawings! :) As for forgiveness, I don’t think that you should put pressure on yourself to forgive someone if you don’t want to. If you think that it would help you to move towards forgiveness then perhaps you could talk this through with someone? You could contact a helpline if you don’t feel comfortable talking to someone who you know but don’t feel like you have to forgive someone if that isn’t what you want. Do you have some things that you can you can use as distractions to keep you busy? It looks like you are good at art :) I have made steps forward that I never would of thought I could and it does take time but you can do it with the right support. If you do not have support already you could look online to see what’s available in your area. I hope this helps :)

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@Celia Thanks you for sitting with me. 

@Charlie.1 I don’t know why I didn’t get notified but I’m just now seeing this. Thanks for your thoughts. My therapist never tells me what I should do but she’s having me read a book on forgiveness. I would like to just let it all go and stop carrying the burden, but i can’t get there for some reason. It’s funny you saying I’m good at art cuz I just google clipart pictures and trace:) thanks tho:) I feel pressure to get thru this but i think maybe i need to slow down. I’m doing the best i can right now. 

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Hey @Viceless 🙂 I have been having counselling and it has given me the confidence to speak to my mum and my partner about what happened. I never would of thought that I would ever of been able to do that. They were both really good about it and were really supportive. Since speaking to them I feel like a huge weight that I have been carrying for many years now has been lifted. I knew that the weight was there, but I didn’t realise how heavy it was and the impact that it was having on my life. Forgiveness means different things to different people and like you said you are doing your best and although it is frustrating, it does take time and we need to be ready to take each step so try and be patient with yourself and remember what you said- you are doing the best that you can. You can’t ask for anymore than that! 😊👍🏻 Just do what is right for you :)

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