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Goodbye you.



Dear you,

it’s been about five years now. You were in your thirties and I was 18 when we met. On our first date we had Chinese food and talked about ourselves, our families and the typical first date mumbo jumbo.

 Then we went back to your place and Learned more about each other in the physical sense. This was the basis of our relationship. Sex. This was fine at first but let’s be honest, after five years of the same type of sex, the same acts and circumstances etc.. things quickly became stagnant. Yet you seemed perfectly fine with things. This is partly my fault for not speaking up sooner.

 I dated you during the midst of a critical time in my life. And didn’t tell you what happened until the beginning of this year. I know you felt for me and you even opened up a bit more to me, for the moment then everything just went back to how it was. 


 I don’t know what may have been going on in your life And you knew very little of mine for awhile. During these years I thought at one point I was falling in love with you. However, something felt wrong and now I realize what it was. Getting along with someone and having a genuine connection with a person are two entirely different things. We got along right up till the end there was never a spark or flame and I believe that at the end we really got to know each other better than in the five years we spent dating. 

Clearly you have no interest in a serious relationship which is fine.  But I do. I want it now more than ever. What I can’t understand is why you are hanging onto me? We are doing each other no favors staying together. Why must you see me “one last time?”  Based On what our relationship has been, I can imagine what you want to do. 

I may be young but I have a much clearer idea of what I am looking for and your not it. I know it hurts to say goodbye but you represent a turning point in my life. A point I started growing up and now I have outgrown you. 
It’s time to go now. I wish you luck. 


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