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I’m farther along..but it’s still hard some days.



I feel like I’m further along In my sexual assault journey but there are still some days my ptsd gets the better of me. 
last week at work two male supervisors had come into the restroom I was cleaning at work and where talking with me. Little do they know it had caused a panic attack. I don’t like feeling cornered by a man or men. It freaks me out. After they left I had to take some time to breath and just focus on work . I reminded myself I was safe and soon after I felt much better.  
I feel bad because it’s nothing against anyone and it’s so irrational to feel like In regular day to day situations you will be harmed.  


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I can relate to this feeling.

I am afraid of finding a job because I don't want to work anywhere I think I could get s*xually harrassed... SH.... My mom said this would be a good thing to talk about with a T. 

being cornered by men should be...illegal... I understand the influence your history has on your feelings now, but it doesn't justify the inconsiderate actions by your coworkers... I've said this in a few different responses... but it is not too much to expect people around you to be respectful or mindful about SH  in the workplace and things that can make a someone feel uncomfortable.  companies not acknowledging it or having trainings around preventing SH is a problem and inaction is compliance in perpetuating violence. 

Sitting with you if ok

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it was defiantly troubling For the moment. I agree that people need to be mindful about Their actions at work and I think SH is something that needs to be talked about more in the workplace. I’m just glad I could carry on with my night. Thanks for the post! 😀

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