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Maybe it’s not worth it...



Why are we the ones going thru Hell when it’s not our fault?

How do I live with what I know?

How long can I pretend to be ok before I have a serious mental breakdown?

Do things ever really get better or do we just tell ourselves they will?

What’s the point of being “aware” and facing everything if it just makes me feel worse?

How did I end up the one in this situation?

What is the overall reason or purpose or is there even one?

Why is no one on my side?

Even after getting the secret out, how am I still hiding? It made everything worse  

Will this always feel impossible, unbearable...?

How is something from so long ago affecting me so much right now?

Am i being dramatic?

I’m not asking for answers...it’s just stuff replaying over and over in my head these days. Self medicating probably isn’t the answer but at least at night I had an escape from it all.


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