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I'm worried about a friend

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I don't know why, but I'm worried of a good friend. She's not having good time and she underestimate herself. I hope she'll read this post and understand it's her. 

We started to chat on a question I asked her and we kept answering each other. We talk of everything and nothing. We talk of our days and sometimes of our problems. I think she's becoming to be on of my best friends in only a few weeks. It's weird.. sometimes I'm afraid it's a dream.. in all the friends I had, most of them are now only contacts. 

She's a great friend, a great mother and a great wife. She's comprehensive, she always have the good words and the tricks. She lacks of self-esteem. For me, she worth a lot since she's a friend... A best friend I should say. I told her things only my gf know... Not my family, not my friends. I trust her. But now I'm worried about her by her status, by her feelings. 

She's smart, kind, polite, intelligent, supportive, she have a nice personality, good music taste, interesting and more. What are the chances I found someone like her. I have other good friends, but I don't know, I never chat that much to someone. 

Edit: Well, looks like I over reacted... But I still think this of her.

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