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Fibromyalgia pains



I’m starting to get into the habit of paying attention more to my physical health, which can make me feel worse or better depending what else is happening. But even if I am stressed out but physically I’m feeling ok it does help somewhat. 

living with fibromyalgia may seem like not a big deal. But it’s one of those ailments that presents itself differently to everyone. 
My fibromyalgia mainly effects my neck, lower back, legs, feet and digestive system. 
I feel with me the pain is more chronic so I really need to take extra care, especially after a shift. Somethings I’ve found helpful are;

Hot baths and showers-with some epsom salt. The kind I use is made with eucalyptus, spearmint and menthol. It’s very soothing and relaxing and helps take the edge off. 

stretching/yoga-This I’ve found is another great way to beat the body pain. Or if anything else keep it from getting out of control. I’ve started doing it after I wake up a couple hours before my shift and it feels great. Never try to do to much at once especially if your really feeling the hurt. Even the simplest of stretches and poses can have a positive effect. 

Taking care after work-Being a janitor has proven to be very rough with fibromyalgia, and depending on what my route may be for the night my fibromyalgia can get really bad. So after I get home I make sure to eat a nice breakfast even if it’s light. I’ll give myself a light and gentle massage on the areas that hurt either with or without lotion. Then I make sure to get some decent sleep and let my body properly rest. 

Eating right- sometimes fibromyalgia can have an effect on the digestive system and as a result of what I’m eating, it can even cause flare ups. I have to make sure I’m not eating to much sugar, gluten and processed foods. Eating to much of any of these things has made the body pain and my overall digestive health unbearable and causes a very sluggish and slow feeling. So for me it’s gluten free, organic, low carb and as simple as possible. I have been able to find some very delicious alternatives and the more healthy I eat the less tolerance my body has for junk food which helps keep me in track. Drinking less caffeine has helped as well although every now and again I still need that coffee fix. 

sleep- this one really goes without saying but we all get caught up with life and sleep when we can. But with the body pain bogging me down I can feel extra tired especially when I have to work. So I try to get as much sleep as I can. I might sleep until the late afternoon wake up have dinner, take a quick shower, go back to sleep for a few hours then leave for work. Since I carpool with two others I tend to nap on my way to work as well. Sometimes I really feel fatigued and have to nap on breaks. But even little fifteen to thirty minute naps can help here and there .

If others on here get any use or insight from this I’m glad. I Feel fibromyalgia is one of those things people think isn’t real because it doesn’t have many external symptoms. It all has to do with inside your body and the nerves. It has been  a pain for doctors to diagnose. I’ve was tested for everything. From lupus to intestinal cancer.  The whole process was frustrating. But now that I know what to do and how to take care of myself it’s been easier to handle! 



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