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Who knew anger could be helpful?



👋 Hello all. Well...it’s been real this morning. 
I already went into more detail in gathering place so I won’t go into huge detail here. 
I got really pissed this morning. In truth with all these realizations I’ve been having it was bound to happen. This morning put simply it was the straw that broke the camels back. Courtesy of my sister. 

But instead of going back to bed I actually got productive. I picked up around the house and even organized my own space.  I feel rather accomplished minus the drinking this morning. I have managed to switch to tea. Tea is great. 
I wish I could get this level of angry at work I’d fly through a route like nobodies business.

Taking a Moment now and listening to David Bowie’s Song Blackstar. It’s one of my favorites. Planning on doing more organizing and some healthy activities. 
But maybe I should just make a better effort to channel my anger into more constructive outlets. I could probably get so much done. 



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