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Mel & Quill vs. Nerves - who shall prevail?



So, let's assume that Ny-Quil and Melatonin have teamed up with one very important mission in mind - 'twas the night before Spring semester started, and someone (let's call her, 'Cap') needed to undo six weeks' worth of habitual going-to-bed-at-3am-every-night damage.  And let's also assume that EVEN this late at night, it takes Cap roughly an hour to FALL asleep and then STAY asleep for more than three or four hours at a time.  It has also been pre-determined that neither member of Team Sleep Aid could get the job done by themselves...

Melatonin (Mel) went in first, at exactly midnight - and when she found herself overwhelmed by those brain cells (carrying pitchforks, I'm sure) that refused to shut up and allow her to work her calming, soothing magic, her buddy Ny-Quil, (whom she calls 'Quill') followed, thirty minutes later, in hopes of combatting the army of 'Stay-Awakes' that have taken up residence in Cap's brain.  (How dare they, they don't pay rent!)

So, are you wondering yet if the duo got the job done?

No, they didn't.  It would seem that their very worthy adversary (Nerves) won last night. Only two to three hours total of sleep was achieved by Cap, who tossed and turned for several hours as Mel and Quill's efforts were pitiful against the very dominant Nerves, before finally succumbing into a very light slumber, and who was wide awake before the sun dared peek through the blinds and before the alarm clock had the audacity to go off and ruin the rest of the day.  (Those of you who have ever had a bed-shaker alarm clock know exactly what I mean.  If you don't, take my word for it.)

Nerves, who had made the mistake of reading a policies class syllabus before bed.  Nerves, who could only begin to wonder what she'd be walking into as she now has new routines to become used to.  Nerves, who, while she isn't the praying type, hoped there wouldn't be any communication barriers of any kind, that all three sets of instructor lips were easy to read and that there would be no handlebar moustaches.  Nerves, who has also reserved a fair amount of herself for tomorrow morning's Astronomy class - (what if she can't find the Planetarium, despite her son's very wise advice to search for the dome atop the Science building and align herself under it??) the one class she's deathly afraid of becoming the American Government equivalent when it comes to interest.  That Nerves. 

The same Nerves that kicked both Mel's and Quill's asses last night - is now ready to fight, again.  I will say, though, that as today's 'first day' went well, that Nerves is significantly weakened and the Stay-Awakes are becoming tired.  In fact, THEY might be sleeping!

Tonight, Mel is on the bench, taking a break.  We don't need to come at 'em as strongly, I don't think.  Quill is suited up, and ready to go in. 

Round two, here we go.....check back tomorrow for the results!

(Yes, go ahead, laugh.  I AM trying to be funny!  I know we've had a few serious entries as of late, so hopefully this one will make you smile a little bit.)

Good night, all.

- Cap


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Dear Capulet,

This is funny - though it hits home for me because I also have trouble sleeping.

If you are still awake, Night Owl, I think you will do great and you will feel loads better after you actually go tomorrow.  That's the thing I've noticed about the night time, thoughts race through our minds and it's hard to stop them.  Every time I go back to work after a vacation I'm also nervous, and yes, I have NyQuil and melatonin.  :)  

Good luck tomorrow; you will do great.

Gold Raindrops

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Hey, Gold Raindrops. :)

Well, the Quilster got the job done that night - now I need a warrior that will ALLOW my body to let me sleep for longer periods of time.  It just doesn't cooperate, no matter how nicely I ask. LOL.  

Gonna try it again tonight - but actually NEED it - throat starting to feel scratchy.  These 8am classes are going to require two things in order for me to be able to function - coffee and more than three hours' sleep the night before!

Hope all's well wih you!  Thanks for stopping by!

- Cap

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