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JR makes life brighter.



To whom it may concern,

I woke up next to the most amazing woman. She makes me smile like I've never smiled and laugh like I've never heard a dad joke before! I told her I love her....

Or at least that I could love her.

Now I've only known her a short time but have you ever felt like....the whole world just got brighter? Now I know I've said that before but I feel like I have been looking through tinted glasses my entire life and now I can see clearly. Like all the love and acceptance I've been shown by her....is something I should have felt from the ones who are closest to me and yet she's the only one to have shown me.

I know it sounds silly but the second I met her, I knew, my depression will never go away, but with her by my side...I have a realization that thins aren't so bad...cause I have her.

Sincerely yours,



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