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Our first kiss



To whom it may concern,

She picked me up from work and we went to Timmies. I bought us coffee and we spent another night just talking and laughing and listening to music and talking too loud. I was so scared she'd never try to kiss me, and when I reached for her hand, I knew I had to try because that hand in mine just made everything feel...empty without her. I know, I know! Big feels for such a short amount of time but I mean...she really did make me feel like...I can conquer the world with 1 hand behind my back as long as the other one is holding hers.

Anyways, I made my move (good lord this isn't battleship!) and time stopped. Just for a moment....but I swear to you guys it did. Everything felt brighter all of a sudden. In the middle of the night, at 2 am, it was the brightest the world had ever been. and she grabbed onto me and she didn't let go. We even went back to her place and just...layed down. She didn't fully understand why I can't be touched sometimes....but she knew that I would come to her when I was ready and it meant so much to me. 

She has been waiting and I have been hesitant and I will be hesitant probably for a long time and yet she still smiles and listens to me talk nonsense for hours and runs her finger from my forehead to the tip of my nose....to make me feel at ease....some how she knew that would make me fell ok...calm me down....

Sincerely yours,



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