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My friend and I have known each other since high school. We hang out occasionally and talk and exchange funny posts. 
In recent years I began to notice somethings. 

He talks to me like a child that’s incapable of understanding anything.

He is always pointing out my mistakes. Every. Single. One.  All the while boasting about his accomplishments. Even stuff I’ve done in the past he still brings up. 
After I told him I was assaulted he said he could understand why people do it.. needless to say we didn’t speak for a very long time. 

He complains about everything. His weight, his job, not having a girlfriend etc.. but refuses to do anything about it because he says he’ll fail. 
my likes, interests, dreams, goals are stupid and not worth Pursuing. 

He’s always right. All the time. He can never be wrong. 

I don’t think he’s ever had a positive outlook on anything since I’ve known him. 
He is always making me feel guilty for my short comings. 
 And yet...I'm still friends with him. 
I’ve  cut down communication and don’t hang out with him as much anymore. 
 I just can’t understand why I can’t break it off completely. Has anyone else ever faced this problem or maybe a similar one? Is there a reason it’s hard to cut ties with a toxic person? Or am I just insane for staying friends for so long? 

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