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I Married Your Son



I sent you a message and friend request after you deleted me.(Just like I said in my other post I am a glutton for punishment.) So "what did I do to you?" has been answered, loud and clear.

I married your son. I knew it had to be that since those pics have been up since the day of the wedding and you had the nerve to still have my sister listed as a friend so I know you knew as soon as we were married, due to all the web updates. So, what I did, was share my joy in a social media type of way and that was too much for you apparently. I told you when you flipped out and tried to kill yourself in front of your abused son and daughter, (who may have been adults at the time, regardless, no one should have to watch a loved one attempt that) that I would love him always and no matter what, and his sister that I love as if she were my own blood, without allowing you to continue to cause them pain. I told you to get out and get your shit together or I would figure it out for ya. Well ya left, but that is all you did and always do. Ya never actually got help for that sick twisted mind of yours, so therefore you only held up part of the deal. See I took it all the way. I stuck by their side while you recoiled into your batty nutshell of a brain, lost within the dirty, evil, pathetic depths of your shallow soul. Your son, your daughter, and I became even closer, while you decided to distance yourself, only so you could bring it up 2.5 yrs later to throw in our faces. You are upset with your son for "letting" me do the things I would. ie: calling you a bit*h, and telling you that you were disgusting and a spineless female, etc. Be upset bit*h because I meant it ALL. You let the father of your precious children abuse the son emotionally, and physically, and let him sexually abuse your daughter, and then made her cover it up for 8 years, as if nothing had ever happened. Then when your daughter finally decides to tell her brother, what their father did to her, you seriously freaked the fuck out. You didn't hold any composure, strength for your family, or ability to understand anything but it not being your fault. Be upset bit*h. Be mad at the fact that you stunted your daughters growth, but regardless, she has made leaps and bounds with self improvement and motivation to be far better of a person than you lead her to believe she could be. That's right you don't care. Be upset bit*h. Be angry that your son chose to protect, support and believe in his sister, unlike you. Be flabbergasted at the fact that a "20 something bit*h" (as you stated) can love your family in a way that is too burdensome for you. No, your son is not my child and neither is your daughter, but they are My LOVED ones. See, you can pop out whatever kids you want and discard their love as you see fit, but as the saying goes, "what's one man's trash, is another man's TREASURE."


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