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Can a new pain fix the old



I’m feeling lost yet again. The trauma I’ve endured has come to haunt me once more. Not that it ever really goes away, but it gets a little easier once in awhile. I went out bowling the other night with some friends when some guy decided to hit on me multiple times even after ignoring advances. In turn I got really drunk and almost drunkenly confessed my trauma to one of my best guy friends who only knows half of my story. After that I realized I needed I had to have a sober conversation with him about the events that occurred so that the words would come out rationally instead of hysterical rambling. Since then I can’t stop thinking about hurting myself, any physical pain would be worth getting rid of the emotional right. I’m considering following through tonight. What do I have to lose? Nothing will ever hurt more than this. It’s been so long I’ve made great progress when it comes to self harm, it’s been over 2 years. Trying not to give in tonight.

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Talk to your friend. Maybe the sexual advances triggered you in some way. Don't give in, I know it can be hard and in that dark place you can't see past the pain. Hurting yourself will only guilt you after the fact. I just hurt myself a few days ago and I feel so bad about it. The pain went away for a few seconds but after I recovered from the flashbacks and residing emotional pain guilt came in. Hang on, the physical pain will disappear as you heal the wounds but talking about what happened can heal that horrible emotional pain. You are safe now, remember that. 

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