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Exhausted, confused, a mess...



I am currently drinking, NOT drunk by any means, but I am so confused. I never thought I'd be the person contemplating cheating on my spouse. I'm such a horrible person, I know. He has done plenty to deserve it, but I still know it's wrong to even think about it. I'm thinking about leaving him too. I'm so scared. I love him so much, but he has hurt me so much. I'm a loving and caring and loyal person, and for him to even crack that part of me, the part I cling to of my personality, it says A LOT. I'm so tired of hurting, and crying, and breaking a little everyday by staying. I'm going to sleep now. GoodNight to my private, broken world. 


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Talk to him about what’s going on with you. If you want the relationship to work you need to be open with him about your feelings & do not cheat - that will only compound your issues.  If he truly loves you being open and honest about FEELINGS is so much better than completing the ACTION and asking for forgiveness later.  It’ll actually bring you closer together.  

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anonymous1985. He isn't a very good communicator. he shuts me down every time I try to talk to him about anything of substance. I would never cheat, but I have had the thoughts a lot more often recently. There was a temptation and even though I shut it down and removed that person I have still caught myself thinking about it. 

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