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I'm listening to music I don't usually like as a distraction from this passed week.

I'm so emotionally drained.

My patience worn thin.

A week of hearing his voice on speaker phone in my house.


Then today has been rough as well, 

my "husband" (in quotes due to questioning my marriage) has just shattered my life goals.

He's lied and manipulated me for years.

"Okay" being his M.O. he uses it as a get out of conversation free card,

"I didn't say I wanted that too, I said 'okay' to get you to stop talking".

No fucking joke, I think he's a narcissist.

Every time I try to discuss anything like adults he starts a fight and then blames me because I brought up the topic in the first place.

He will make commitments/promises and then later try to make me fell crazy by saying he never said that.

It is so incredibly stressful. 

I'm exhausted.


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He does sound like he has some narcissistic characteristics /: Im sorry you’re dealing with that and the gaslighting! It can make you feel crazy sometimes! 

Music is life! It’s the only thing that can pull me out of my head when the thoughts and memories and flashbacks get too much /: 

sitting with you for comfort ❤️

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That sounds a lot like a friend I’m trying to deal with. He talks and acts that way with me all the time. He’s always putting me down and making me feel like I have no self worth. 

music has helped soothe me and has also helped me let the pain and hurt out. 

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