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It’s been awhile since I hopped on here. I found this support group app and it was really helping. Until I got trolled yesterday. A person I was talking to created another profile started talking to me under that one and then threw what I had told the original profile in my face. And honestly after everything I’ve gone through I felt violated. My anxiety hasn’t ceased since this happened last night. It feels like wherever I go people will use my past against me.

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I was beaten inside a church to have the police warn me my life would be difficult if I continued to mention my abuse.  My fifth grade teacher told me if the police wouldn't do anything about it, then it was probably best to not mention it either.  Discouragement has defeated me on more than one occasion.  This foolish behavior is addicting to some.  To see them use deceit to target you shows their pettiness.  Try and remember your thoughts can be bigger than those with a false sense of superiority.  Preposterous perpetrators foolishly gather.  If they boast while trying to slam you, it is simply because of their tiny, and ignorant, frame of mind.   

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