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What Did I Do To You?



So I reactivated an old social site account today and uploaded some life event photos. Well my husbands mother (whom we have become estranged with due to abuse knowledge surfacing) deleted me as a friend from her list as soon as she could. I am just hurt and pissed that she would have the nerve to cut the last absolute tie she has with her son, without warning, or just the fact that she chooses to not communicate with us at all. And we just got married a few months ago. Ya think she would care, well nvm this isn't that type of mother so I don't even know why I care. But i do. It sucks to see him and his sister know that their mother wants nothing to do with them. And after all the loyalty and love they have shown her. It's just despicable. I tried to see if she would accept a friend request again, even still.

Whatever i guess i am a glutton for punishment. I just want her to try to, just try to be a mother who wants to try and make up for past wrongs. She will never give them back their innocence she neglected to protect, but she could try to be their emotional safety net now. Again whatever...thanks for letting me vent.


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