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New Uni Student


I managed to put it behind me, or so I thought, in time for my A-Level exams. After the two months of exams, it hit me like a truck about what happened. I hadn't forgotten, it kept me up at night. I would randomly wake up in the middle of the night from a nightmare. I thought that, if I move to a new city for university, I wouldn't feel so scared, so afraid of people. So, I accepted my place at a university. I had to move into a house with two guys and three other girls. 

I thought I could handle it. I couldn't. I ended up having several breakdowns and panic attacks. It got so bad to the point I contemplated ending it all. Luckily my friends and my housemate, who found out what happened, stopped me. I'm now on a waiting list for counselling with my university.

I recently found out that the guy who assaulted me, I knew him. I had worked with him. Ever since I moved, he had been asking around about me, wondering where I had gone. He still doesn't know where I am but I have these horrible dreams where he finds me and finishes what he started. People tell me I should report him because I know him, but I no longer have evidence for what he did. No cameras, no more bruises and cuts to show what he did. Who would officials believe, him or a 19 year old girl?

I'm so scared about what he would do if he did eventually find me....  

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