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Corndogs and Fried Pies



Hello, friends.

Welcome to my Wednesday catch up session! I guess it’s been about a week since my last blog entry. I have been struggling the past couple of days, but I am feeling much better right now. Progress, right?

This weekend was INSANE for me! I was crazy busy Thursday through Sunday and am just now finally starting to feel like I can relax. I suppose I did some relaxing on Saturday, but I made a dumb decision and decided to watch the new show Unbelievable on Netflix. In my defense, I didn’t REALLY know what it was about. I thought it would be nice to change things up and watch something new, so I started watching it. I had no idea it would be so triggering! Once I started it, I should’ve known to stop after the triggers started but, I didn’t. I just finished watching it Monday and my mind has been obsessing on all things rape related since starting it. Again, it wasn’t my finest choice but there isn’t anything I can do about it now. It was a good show, I just wouldn’t recommend watching it if you’re sensitive to rape triggers.

Thursday was a fun day for the most part. In Oklahoma, everyone here knows that September is a month that really only matters because of the State Fair. The time of year where the food is fried, calories don’t count, and people watching is at its prime! I had been preparing for my day at the fair and made sure to keep my eating as healthy as possible in the days leading up to that Thursday. I knew some calories would be burned from all the walking, but I’m still trying to lose weight over here! I didn’t want to waste all of my progress on one day.

I woke up Thursday morning and went to therapy at 8am. Had a nice, long, difficult session and then went home to work out. My mother and I did a strength training workout because when you work to build muscle versus cardio, you burn calories through the entire day. We needed to torch those calories while shoving our faces with corndogs and fried pies!

After our workout, I went to my room to change and get ready. Once my mom came home from running errands, we headed out! We made it to the fair around noon. The first thing I ate was a corndog. While that sounds a little juvenile for those that don’t go to the state fair, there is no corndog on earth like the ones at the fair! I had been craving it for weeks before the fair even came!

We walked around some more while deciding what to have next. We made it through a building where they had several (and I mean SEVERAL) vendor booths open. We ended up stopping at a cute little table with bath salts.

Anyone that knows me, knows I am an AVID bath taker. I find them to be a great way to relax, decompress, and just be left alone. I typically go to Lush and buy bathbombs, but I decided to give these a try. They smelled amazing and I knew it wouldn’t ruin my bath so, why not?

I will add here that I have since used said bath salts, and they were great! I will be going to their store for more!

After collecting our jars of smell good bath stuff, we headed out in search of more food. We came across and waffle truck that my dad had told me was delicious. Of course, I ended up with chicken and waffles (one of my favorites) and was not disappointed! These waffles were made into the shape of a corndog. Basically, it was like a skinny, fried chicken strip with a waffle as the breading and it was served on a stick just like 90% of the food at the State Fair.

Another fun fact about me, I LOVE condiments. The more sauce, the better. I don’t eat anything without some sort of dipping sauce. That means I needed something to put atop my chicken-waffle-corndog-on-a-stick. My mom and I both put syrup AND hot sauce on it. I know what you’re thinking, but I promise it was VERY good. I wouldn’t steer you in the wrong direction.

After this excursion, we made our way into more buildings. There isn’t much more to report about the buildings as we just walked around and looked at vendor booths. You better believe that when we were done, we went for more food.

We did make a pitstop here to ride the Ferris Wheel which was VERY tall and VERY scary. I am not afraid of heights, so I didn’t expect this to scare me one bit! The further we went up, the more nervous I got. It was getting windier (because this is Oklahoma where is it ALWAYS windy) and I couldn’t help but think about the possibility of the entire wheel falling over and causing my world to (literally) come crashing down. But don’t worry – that didn’t happen.

After this, we found a food truck with lots of tasty things on the menu. We ended up with ghost pepper tater tots and philly cheesesteak nacho fries. The tater tots were alright, but the fries were AMAZING. I was NOT disappointed. I will insert a picture below! The fries sat pretty heavy, so we walked that off for a bit longer before scouring for our next treat.


Before our next run for food, we stopped to watch the pig races. I’m sure this is an Okie thing because as I’m typing it, I realize how weird it sounds. They have this very small track and they let these little pigs run around and race for an Oreo (that’s what they say, I don’t know if the pigs actually EAT Oreos). The final round of races is when they let the piglets run and it’s the CUTEST thing EVER (aside from my niece, of course – nothing is cuter than her).

They also give all the piggies cute little pun names, but I can’t remember all of them. One of them was Brad Pig (instead of Brad Pitt) so that was cute. I’m sorry that my brain can’t remember the rest of them!

After the pig races, it was time for dessert. We made our way to the fried pie truck! We split a chocolate fried pie with vanilla ice cream. This was hands down the BEST fried pie I’ve ever had in my life! It was so good that I’ve thought about it every day since then. They also had a fried pumpkin pie with cinnamon ice cream, and we went back for that later. It wasn’t as good as the chocolate but was still good!

After this, I was finished. I didn’t think my tummy could hold any more food! So, we made our way back to the bath salt table and collected our jars (the girl that was working that vendor booth let us leave them there so we wouldn’t have to carry them around all day), then headed home around 4:00. After that, we went to pick up my niece from daycare and made a trip to SAMs for my mom.

Lucky me, I had a cake order that had to be done for Saturday at 3:00pm. When this order was placed, I didn’t realize it was the same weekend as this huge conference I had to go to Friday night. I knew that meant that Friday night, I would not be home until around midnight and I was NOT staying up to bake that night because I had to work that Saturday. That left me with Thursday night to bake and Saturday to decorate.

The order was for a small cake and 40 cupcakes. I got home around 9:00pm, baked, and my cakes were falling apart. I couldn’t get them to stay together! I had hoped that staying in the refrigerator Thursday night and all of Friday would help, so that’s what I did. I put them away and hoped that I would be able to get my decorating done in a timely manner on Saturday.

Friday, I worked from 9:15-6:15, which is my normal schedule, then I went home and changed and headed to the conference. I was correct about what time I would make it home. It was right around midnight and I was wiped. I also had to be up early the next day to make it to work!

Saturday morning, I worked from 8:45-12:15, then made a mad dash home to decorate cakes and cupcakes. The cupcakes were easy peasy and turned out great! The cake on the other hand, was not so great. I was trying to hold it together by using frosting as glue and it just became a sloppy mess. I decided to stick it in the freezer and hope it would stiffen so I could fix it. This didn’t work either. At this point, it was almost 2:00pm and I needed to deliver this stuff in an hour!

I will admit I ended up having to cheat on this one. I had my mom go to the store and buy a small premade cake for me. I had NO time to bake new cakes and get them decorated. She brought it home, I scraped all the frosting off, then decorated it to what it was SUPPOSED to look like.

I don’t know why my cake died. I make cakes ALL THE TIME. For some reason, this one was a mess. I didn’t anticipate any problems because it was so simple!

Luckily, the order was for a friend and I called and spoke with her about what happened. She was completely understanding about the situation and was pleased with how everything turned out! I will post the cake below if you’re interested!


By the time I got the order delivered and got my kitchen put back in order, it was 5:30pm and I was DONE. My feet were hurting, my body was tired, I was hungry, and I wanted sleep. I decided to take a bath to relax and rinse off the excess powdered sugar and food coloring from my body (at one point, I ended up with blue frosting on my shoulder???). This is when I started watching Unbelievable.

After my bath, we decided it was time to eat. We made it to Panda Express for some Chinese food and although the line was long, it didn’t feel like it took forever to make it through. Once we got home, my mother and I both agreed to eat in our own rooms in front of our own televisions. I enjoyed a nice meal, some time on AS, and some Netflix. I finally let the sleep take over and crashed until Sunday morning.

Sundays are ALWAYS insane for me because of the things I do on that day. Luckily, The New Guy was out of town, so I didn’t have a T session with him. I really don’t think my brain could have handled that!

All in all, it was a busy but successful weekend and I am glad it’s over! I don’t have near as much to accomplish this coming weekend, but I’m sure I will still be running around!

I know this was probably not the most entertaining blog, but this is what my life has been like! Thank you for sticking around and catching up on my craziness.

I typically try to insert my title somewhere at the end of my blogs, but I don’t have a catchy title for this one. Maybe I’ll pick an already existing sentence!

See you all later!


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