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Am I Not Good Enough?



So I finally decided to stop pushing off making a counseling appointment yesterday.  I was going to get the free counseling for students they offer for everyone.  Well  I called yesterday and they said I would have to wait until the office manager called me today to sort things out, which I found annoying but I could live with.  Well this morning before my classes, I saw I had a missed call and voicemail from an unknown number.  The message was telling me that they didn't have room for them to take me in for counseling.  How can they say this is a free service for all students that everyone can use at anytime and then when I try to make an appointment, they deny me because they have too many people??  They just moved into a new building that they redid for around a million dollars saying that they would be able to help more students by moving, but I don't think they really are helping more students.  I think they need to either help everyone or help nobody, because telling students they have to go on a waiting list to try and get help for mental illness isn't a good feeling, and really makes people (at least me, personally) feel like they aren't good enough to even help through their issues.


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