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Step I/Question X: Do you nurture yourself and reach out for support?

Freyja Lee


I do try to nurture myself.  I have my hobbies that I am starting to get back into.  I exercise and try to eat healthy.  I try to do things for myself.  Always looking for ways to better myself, which I feel is a form of nurture - to nurture those things that make me, me.  

Reaching out for support would be a NO.  I attend SIA - 12 step meeting for Survivors of Incest.  I get to hear other survivors struggles and hope and I get to share...when I can bring myself to.  And I go to premarital counseling with my fiancée.  But I do not have friends  or a sponsor/fellow traveler that I reach out to for support.  I usually hold it in till it just spills over and I share with my spouse or my adult daughter.  I could say that I go to her for support.  


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